Dr Oz: Ghrelin is the Gremlin That Makes You Snack

Dr Oz: Fit & Healthy Millionaire

Dr Oz played a game called “Who Wants To Be a Fit and Healthy Millionaire?” which taught us some of the secret weapons we need to boost our chances of reaching our goal of losing 10% of our body weight.

Dr Oz: Best Exercise

Doctor Oz’s first question was what is the best form of exercise for making it to your 10% weight loss goal: strength training, rock climbing, speed walking or arm wrestling.  The answer is speed walking, which gives you great cardiovascular exercise that increases your heart rate.

Dr Oz: Ghrelin Makes You Snack

Dr Oz’s second question was snacking supports long term weight loss goals, Dr Oz Millionairebecause it reduces this hunger inducing hormone: Leptin, Ghrelin, Epinephirine or Cortisol?  The answer came from Dr Michael Roizen in the phone a doc option.  He said that Ghrelin is the Gremlin That Causes You To Snack!

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