Dr Oz: Greek Yogurt, Protein Packed Snack & Calorie Conscious Snack

Dr Oz played a game called Pick It or Pass It to teach us about a high protein snack and a calorie conscious snack.  Doctor Oz gave everyone in his audience a sign that said “pick it” on one side and “pass it” on the other side, so that way everybody got a chance to guess which nosh was the most nutritious.

Dr Oz: Greek Yogurt For Breakfast

Mary Jo asked Doctor Oz which is the most protein packed snack: peanuts or Greek Yogurt?  Mary Jo guessed that Greek Yogurt would be the best choice because Dr Oz Protein Packed Snackshe thought it would have more protein and less fat.  The correct answer is in fact Greek Yogurt!  Dr Oz said that there is 14 grams of protein in Greek Yogurt, which is why is is so great for breakfast.  Peanuts are ok but they only have 6 grams of protein per ounce.  Since Mary Jo guessed the right snack, Dr Oz gave her a gift card to use to buy groceries!

Dr Oz: Calorie Conscious Snack

Dr Oz’s next guest had to pick a sweet snack with the fewest calories.  Which do you think has less calories: chocolate covered raisins?  Or chocolate oatmeal cookies?  Believe it or not, Dr Oz said that the chocolate oatmeal cookie has less calories (130 calories) than the chocolate covered raisins (which has 160 calories in just 20 of them).  This is why it is so important to always read the nutrition facts and ingredients list on any product before buying it, so that you can make sure you are picking the healthiest option for your family.


  1. Karan Schutt says

    Please send me the recipe for the yogurt and chocolate chip snack (aired on 2/10/14) and the banana and egg pancakes which also aired on 2/10/14.

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