Dr Oz: Health Food Imposters: Cottage Cheese, Marinara & Granola

Dr Oz Health Foods

Dr Oz Health Food Imposters

Doctor Oz played a game called Spot The Health Food Imposter.  All of us know to stay away from french fries because they are bad for us, but do you know which foods pretend to be healthy but really are not?

Dr Oz: Cottage Cheese vs Ricotta Cheese

Dr Oz’s first question was which cheese has more sodium: cottage cheese or ricotta cheese?  The answer is that cottage Dr Oz Health Foodcheese has more salt with 344 mg of sodium per serving.  If you read the labels though, you can find some brands without salt added and they have 60 mg of salt per serving, though they are probably less tasty!

Dr Oz: Marinara Sauce vs Vodka Sauce

Doctor Oz’s second question was which sauce has more sugar: marinara sauce or vodka sauce?  The answer is that marinara sauce has more sugar with 19 grams per serving.  Vodka sauce has more fat but less sugar.  But again, make sure to read your food labels, because some brands of marinara sauce can have less sugar per serving.

Dr Oz: Granola vs Yogurt

Dr Oz’s final question was which breakfast has more calories: yogurt with fruit on the bottom or low fat granola?  The answer is that low fat granola has a bit more with 190 calories per serving, whereas yogurt with fruit on the bottom has 150 calories.  Doctor Oz said that a great compromise is to sprinkle half a serving of granola on top of half a serving of yogurt.

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