Dr Oz: Healthy Brown Bag Lunch: How To Pack A Healthy Lunch


Dr Oz: Healthy Lunches

Dr Oz played a game called Healthy Brown Bag Lunches to teach us how to distinguish between healthy lunches that save calories, money and time from the lunches that are bad for us.  Here are Doctor Oz’s tips for how to pack a healthy brown bag lunch!

Dr Oz: Turkey Chili

Dr Oz’s first question was whether there are less calories in turkey chili or roasted chicken with bbq sauce and white rice?  The answer is the Dr Oz Healthy Brown Bag LunchesTurkey Chili, which has 220 calories per serving, whereas roasted chicken in bbq sauce and white rice has 503 calories (more than twice as many!).  Another great option is to try Stuffed Peppers like this one from Dr Oz’s Show that is made with turkey: Dr Oz Stuffed Peppers Recipe.

Dr Oz: Roast Beef Sandwich

Doctor Oz’s second question was whether roast beef on whole wheat or humus and cheddar cheese in a pita has less fat?  Dr Oz said that the roast beef sandwich only has 5 grams of fat, whereas the hummus sandwich has 25 grams of fat from the Dijon Mustard Dressing.  But I have to ask, who puts Dijon Mustard Dressing on a hummus sandwich??? I thought this question was rather deceptive and that he should have said there was dressing on the hummus sandwich!

Dr Oz: Chocolate Pudding

Dr Oz’s final question was which has less calories for a sweet treat to end your lunch: chocolate pudding or vanilla yogurt with granola on top?  Chocolate pudding is the winner because it is only 140 calories, whereas the lowfat vanilla yogurt with granola has 233 calories.  The granola is what pushes it over the top in terms of calories.

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