Dr Oz: Healthy Movie Munchies: Popcorn vs Nachos


Dr Oz: Healthy Movie Snacks

Dr Oz played a game to help teach us the healthiest snacks to order at the movies.  When you go to the movies, it is so hard to resist the snacks at the concession stand.  But do you know which options are the healthiest?  Should you go with the popcorn with butter or the nachos with cheese?  Here is what Doctor Oz advised about Movie Munchies!

Dr Oz: Popcorn vs Nachos

Dr Oz’s first question was which is healthier – a large popcorn with butter or a large nachos with cheese?  I definitely would have thought that the nachos Dr Oz Movie Snackswith cheese were worse for you, but it turns out that they are slightly healthier than buttered popcorn.  Nachos have 1100 calories and 59 grams of fat, and buttered popcorn has 1600 calories, which is as many calories as you should have in a day, and 60 grams of fat.  Doctor Oz said that is equivalent to about three quarter pounder burgers with 12 pats of butter on top – gross!

Dr Oz: Soda vs Fruit Punch

Doctor Oz’s second question was which is healthier: a large soda or a large fruit punch?  Both of them are loaded with calories and sugar… up to 33 TB of sugar in fact!  Instead, opt for a bottle of water.


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