Dr Oz: Healthy Snacks: Sunflower Seeds, Popcorn & Peanut Butter

Dr Oz: Are You Smarter Than A 4th Grader?

Dr Oz brought back Judi and Bryce to play the game: Are You Smarter Than A 4th Grader.  Bryce, an adorable fourth grader who is bursting with personality, beat his mother Judi the last time they were on the Doctor Oz Show (read the recap here: Dr Oz Healthy Lunch).  But today they tied so they both got Dr Oz Diplomas and Bryce got a Dr Oz Backpack.  Lets see how much you know about healthy snacks to eat in the afternoon.

Dr Oz: Ants On A Log

Doctor Oz’s first question was which part of Ants On A Log is the healthiest part of this afternoon snack: the celery, peanut butter or raisins?  The answer Dr Oz Healthy Snacksis that peanut butter is the best part because it is full of protein (just like Bryce said!) plus it has healthy fats and is filling.  But do not get carried away, peanut butter still require moderation.

Dr Oz: Healthy After School Snack

Dr Oz’s second question was which of the following is the healthiest after school snack: popcorn, a granola bar or chips and salsa.  The answer is popcorn because it is full of whole grains and fiber.  Granola bars can trick you by being full of sugar.

Dr Oz: Sunflower Seeds

Dr Oz’s final challenge was to list the following snacks from healthiest to the most unhealthy: trail mix, sunflower seeds and baked potato chips.  The correct order is sunflower seeds, trail mix and baked potato chips.


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    Snack of peanuts that process, boiled peanuts and a little salt in the love that saturated fat be safe from cholesterol. And roasted to a crisp. ready to eat in.

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