Dr Oz: High Blood Pressure FAQs


Dr Oz: High Blood Pressure Health Cab

Dr Oz hit the streets of NYC in a yellow taxi cab called the Health Cab to find out how much people know about High Blood Pressure and how to lower it.  Since 1 in 4 New Yorkers have high blood pressure, it was interesting to see how many of them answered Doctor Oz’s questions correctly!

Dr Oz: 35″ Waist Increases Blood Pressure

Doctor Oz’s first question was “women are at an increased risk of High Blood Pressure if their waist is greater than 35 inches, 40 inches or 50 inches?”  The Dr Oz High Blood Pressureanswer is that if you are a woman, and your waist is over 35 inches, then you are at an increased risk of having High Blood Pressure.  Each lady who got this question right won a tape measure.

Dr Oz: Potassium Counteracts Salt

Dr Oz’s second question was “which mineral counteracts the effect of sodium or salt: iron, potassium or zinc?”  The answer is that potassium counteracts the effect of salt on your blood pressure.  Since bananas are a great form of potassium, each lady who got this question right went home with a bunch of bananas.

Dr Oz: Check Blood Pressure In Both Arms

Doctor Oz’s third question was “should your blood pressure be checked in your right arm, left arm or both arms?”  The answer is that you should always have your blood pressure checked in both arms, because you could have a blockage in one of your arms.  Everyone who got this question correct won a pair of new sneakers.

Dr Oz: Blood Pressure Highest In Morning

Dr Oz’s fourth question was “what time of day is your blood pressure the highest: morning, noon or night?”  The answer is that your blood pressure is highest in the morning, because you have a natural spike in Cortisol that wakes you up and gets you going.

Dr Oz: Skim Milk Lowers High Blood Pressure

Doctor Oz’s fifth question was “which drink lowers your blood pressure: skim milk, coffee or vegetable drinks?”  The answer is that skim milk lowers your blood pressure because of its calcium and Vitamin D.  Coffee has too much caffeine, and vegetable drinks are often loaded with sodium.

Dr Oz: Blowing Your Nose Raises Your Blood Pressure

Dr Oz’s final question was “which of the following causes a spike in your blood pressure: blowing your nose, burping or yawning?”  The answer is that blowing your nose causes a huge spike in your blood pressure.  So the next time you blow your nose, do not blow so hard!

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