Dr Oz: How Long Before I Catch Pink Eye, Colds, Warts & Cold Sores

Dr Oz did a segment called “How Long Before I Catch That?” to teach us how long it takes you to get sick when exposed to various contagious infections like the Common Cold, Pink Eye, Cold Sores and Warts.  Doctor Oz had four ladies from his audience play this game to guess how long it would take before seeing symptoms of all of the following ailments. Dr Oz How Long Does it Take to Catch Infections

Dr Oz: How Long Before You See Common Cold Signs?

Dr Oz asked how long after someone coughs or sneezes on you before you show signs of actually being sick.  Dr Oz said it just takes one day, because the virus enters into your respiratory system and your immune system starts causing the symptoms almost immediately.  You are not in the clear though until 3 days later, because you can still get it up until this point.

Dr Oz: How Long Before You See Pink Eye Symptoms?

Dr Oz asked how soon after you are exposed to Pink Eye do you get symptoms?  Dr Oz said that it only takes 12 hours or half of a day because your eye is like a petri dish, so as soon as the virus enters it  spreads and grows.  The pink color that your eye turns is difficult to ignore, plus it is difficult to not notice that opening and closing your eyes becomes hard.  Dr Oz said you are not out of the woods after being exposed to Pink Eye for 3 days though, because again, some people take longer.

Dr Oz: How Long Before Cold Sores Spread?

Dr Oz asked how contagious a cold sore is?  Do you know how many days after you kiss someone with a cold sore that it takes for a cold sore to appear in  your mouth?  Dr Oz said that it takes 7 days because the Herpes Virus has to get into your  mouth and produce proteins before the cold sores can appear.  You are not safe though until 20 days have passed.

Dr Oz: How Long Before Warts Spread?

Dr Oz asked how long after being exposed to warts before you get a wart too?  Dr Oz said it can take 30 days because the virus has to get into the DNA of your cells and then it hijacks your cells and has to make new protein before the mounds can grow that we recognize as warts.

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