Dr Oz: How Long The Flu Lasts & How To Prevent Chicken Pox


Dr Oz Chicken Pox Vaccine

Dr Oz Charades Game

Doctor Oz played Charades today to teach us how to get on the path to no more sick days.  The two teams were the OZinators and the Cengiz 4 Valve Warriors, and in case you did not know – Dr Oz’s middle name is Cengiz… so his full name is Dr Mehmet Cengiz Oz.

Dr Oz: Constipation

Dr Oz’s first word for Charades was constipation, and the woman acted out like she was pushing hard in the bathroom.  Dr Oz Chicken Pox VaccineGood thing her friends guessed it quickly, otherwise her face would have turned super red!  Doctor Oz asked them what is the minimum number of bowel movements that you need in a week to be healthy.  They guessed seven, but the answer was three.  Dr Oz said that there is no normal number, but doctors generally do not get too worried as long as the person is having a bowel movement once every other day.  Click here to read more about constipation: How Many Times A Day Should You Poop?

Dr Oz: How To Prevent Chicken Pox

Doctor Oz’s next word was Chicken Pox, so the lady pointed to pretend dots o n her arm and then put her hand on her head to look like a chicken… and sure enough her friends guessed Chicken Pox was the word!  Dr Oz asked how do you prevent Chicken Pox?  And the answer was to get a vaccine early in life (the Chicken Pox Vaccine) and then to get the Shingles Vaccine after you turn 60.  He said that the Shingles Vaccine is one of the most important, least used vaccines.  Click here to read more about the Shingles Vaccination: Dr Oz Shingles Vaccine.

Dr Oz: How Long Does The Flu Last?

Doctor Oz’s final word was Flu, and the lady was very smart in her approach… she flapped her arms like she was a bird and right away they guessed Flu!  Dr Oz’s follow-up question was How Long Does The Flu Last?  They guessed 10 days, but the answer is that the flu lasts 3-7 days.

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