Dr. Oz: How Much Protein In? Cottage Cheese, Tuna, Quinoa & Beans

Doctor Oz did a game show called “Protein Hi / Lo” where his viewers had to guess how much protein was in some of their favorite foods.  Could you be eating more protein each day than you need? Play Dr. Oz’s Protein game to find out!

Dr. Oz’s Protein Game

1. What has more protein: cottage cheese or yogurt?

ANSWER: Cottage Cheese has more protein than yogurt.  Cottage cheese has 28 grams of protein!

2. What has more protein: quinoa or beans?

ANSWER: Quinoa has more protein than beans!

3. What has more protein: tuna or chicken?

ANSWER: Tuna has more protein than chicken!  A can of tuna has 42 grams of protein, which is all the protein a woman should get in a day.  Chicken has 23 grams of protein.

4. Tie Breaker Question: How many different amino acids make up a protein?

ANSWER: It takes 20 amino acids to make a protein!

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