Dr Oz: How Much Sugar Should You Have Every Day?

Dr Oz: Hidden Sugar in Breakfast

Dr Oz said that women should have less than 6 tsp of added sugar everyday, but on average they get 22 tsp of extra sugar per day.  And in case you missed yesterday’s show, Doctor Oz said that men can only have 9 tsp of extra sugar per day (click here to read this recap: Dr Oz: Wrinkle Causes).  Do you know about the surprising hidden sugars in your breakfast that could be sabotaging your diet?

Dr Oz: Sugar In Cereal

Dr Oz’s first questions was how many grams of sugar are in a bowl of Raisin Bran, one cup of strawberries and a cup of orange juice?  The answer is 48 grams of sugar, which is 11 tsp of Dr Oz How Much Sugar Should You Have Per Day?sugar.  The shocker is that there are 19 grams of sugar in the Raisin Bran alone.  I would have thought that the orange juice would have been the biggest culprit!

Dr Oz: Sugar In Yogurt

Doctor Oz’s second question was how much sugar is in a cereal bar, a yogurt with fruit on the bottom and a medium latte?  The answer is 76 grams of sugar or 18 tsp of sugar.  The big mistake here is the yogurt with the fruit on the bottom.  Instead, eat plain yogurt and add your own fresh fruit.  Dr Oz gave the lady playing this game a $50 gift certificate to buy fruits and a healthy breakfast, since she got this question right.

Dr Oz: Sugar In Pancakes

Dr Oz’s final question was how much sugar is in two whole wheat pancakes, 1/4 cup of light syrup and a glass of grapefruit juice?  The answer is 52 grams of sugar or 12 tsp of sugar.  And Dr Oz gave the lady from his audience a wonderful gift for getting this question correct… a Juicer Machine!

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