Dr Oz: How Much Vitamin C Should You Get Per Day?

Dr Oz: Vitamin C

Dr Oz played a game called the Golden Road to Good Health: Vitamin C.  There are many hidden powers of Vitamin C because its antioxidants are great for your eyes, skin and immune system.  Doctor Oz asked three questions about Vitamin C and gave prizes to the ladies who got them correct.

Dr Oz: Women Need 75 mg Vitamin C

Doctor Oz’s first question was “the average woman should consume at least how much Vitamin C per day from food: 50 milligrams, 75 milligrams or Dr Oz Vitamin C500  milligrams?”  The answer is that women should eat at least 75 milligrams worth of Vitamin C per day.  Try eating a kiwi fruit or an orange, which has 70 mg of Vitamin C.  We cannot produce Vitamin C in our body so we have to get it through foods that we consume.  Dr Oz said that to get the best benefit, you should really aim for 500 mg of Vitamin C.

Dr Oz: Vitamin C Helps Absorb Iron

Dr Oz’s second question was “Vitamin C helps your body to absorb other nutrients like iron.  Which breakfast packs the healthiest punch?”  The answer is strawberries and oatmeal, because of the iron in oatmeal and the vitamin C in the strawberries.  Both women got this question right so Dr Oz gave them each a basket of Vitamin C Skincare Products from The Body Shop worth over $500!

Dr Oz: Vitamin C Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

Doctor Oz’s final question was “a diet rich in Vitamin C can reduce the risk of which of the following: Urinary Tract Infections, heartburn or coronary artery disease?”  The answer is that Vitamin C reduces your risk of getting UTI’s.  The lady who got this question correct won a 3 night stay at Marco Island Marriott Island Resort with two Vitamin C Infused Spa Treatments!

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