Dr Oz: Hunger Controlling Meals: Al Dente Pasta & Omelets

Dr Oz Hunger Control

Dr Oz: Hunger Control Meals

Dr Oz played a game to teach us about meals that leave you satisfied so that you stay away from snacks.  What are the best meals to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner to avoid snack traps?  Here is what Doctor Oz said:

Dr Oz: Omelets Control Hunger

Doctor Oz’s first question was: what is the best meal to avoid mid-morning trips to the danish cart?  An omelet with Dr Oz Hunger Controlberries or whole grain cereal with milk and fruit?  He said the best Hunger Controlling Meal is an omelet with berries.  The protein helps to keep you satisfied all day long, and unless the cereal specifically says 100% whole grain, it won’t keep you full for long.

Dr Oz: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Dr Oz’s second question was: what is the best option to avoid a 4 pm trip to the vending machine? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a turkey sandwich?  The answer is that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will keep you full for longer because of the protein and fat found in the peanut butter.  Dr Oz said that you cannot just cut calories to lose weight, you have to eat the right foods too.

Dr Oz: Al Dente Pasta Controls Hunger

Doctor Oz’s final quetion was: what is the best meal to avoid raiding the fridge before going to bed?  Rice with chicken and black bean sauce or Al Dente Pasta with chicken and balsamic vinegar?  Believe it or not, Dr Oz said that Al Dente Pasta is the right choice.  Al Dente means that you slightly undercook the pasta, and that makes it harder for your body to digest, so it controls your hunger more effectively.  Plus, the balsamic vinegar makes your blood sugar increase more slowly.  Dr Oz spoke about this before in this segment: Dr Oz Dynamic Duos.

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