Dr Oz: Ibuprofen Works Better Than Acetaminophen


Dr Oz: Purse Must-Haves

Dr Oz did a segment on products that you really need to carry in your purse.  Do you know whether Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen works best for aches and pains?  And what is the best snack to carry around with you – almonds or walnuts?

Dr Oz: Ibuprofen vs Acetaminophen

Doctor Oz asked what should you carry in your purse for aches and pains: 2 Ibuprofen in a pill box or 2 Acetaminophen in a pill Dr Oz Acetaminophen vs Ibuprofen box?  Dr Oz said that Ibuprofen works better for aches and pains and has been show over and over again to work better as an anti-inflammatory.  However, if you find yourself using Ibuprofen every single day, then you should go see your doctor because it could be something more serious.

Dr Oz: Almonds vs Walnuts

Dr Oz’s next question was what should you keep in your purse to keep you from getting hungry: walnuts or almonds?  The answer is that you should carry 1/4 cup of almonds in your purse to help prevent hunger.  Walnuts have a fragile fat in them that go rancid at room temperature, so they are a worse option to carry around with you.


  1. Diane Holm says

    I ordered African Mango. It has not done anything for me. I’m diabeticand felt this would be helpful.Can anyone telll me if it has worked for them?

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