Dr Oz: Itchy Eyes, Itchy Throat & Restless Leg Syndrome Tips


Dr Oz played a game called That Itch You Just Can’t Scratch.  Doctor Oz spoke about the best way to treat unscratchable itches like Itchy Eyes, an Itchy Throat and Restless Leg Syndrome.

Dr Oz: Itchy Eyes & Antihistamines

Dr Oz asked what is the best treatment for Itchy Eyes?  Eye Drops or Antihistamines?  Dr Oz said that Antihistamines are best for itchy eyes, because that is a typical symptom of allergies.  Dr Oz Restless Leg Syndrome 40 million Americans have this, so it is quite common.  Eye Drops get rid of the redness, but they do not clear up the itching.  The other option is to try Eye Drops with Antihistamines in it.

Dr Oz: Itchy Throat & Cough Expectorant

Dr Oz asked which is the best treatment for an Itchy Throat?  A throat lozenge or a Cough Expectorant?  Dr Oz said that an Itchy Throat is often caused by post-nasal drip, so a Cough Expectorant is the best thing to take.  A Throat Lozenge helps in the short run, but it does not get the mucus out or decrease the irritation like a Cough Expectorant.

Dr Oz: Orange Juice Helps You Absorb Iron

Dr Oz asked what is the best treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome?  Iron plus orange juice or iron plus a cup of tea?  Dr Oz said that Restless Leg Syndrome is often caused by an iron deficiency, and your body absorbs iron more easily if you drink orange juice with it.  Drinking tea with iron actually reduces your ability to absorb the iron.


  1. Nice Oliveira says

    Sou assídua aos seus programas e também na internet.
    PARABÉNS!! O SR. é lindo, simpático e nos ajuda muito.
    Eu gostaria de saber mais sobre a doença do FENÔMENO RONALDO, que a minha também. Como ele estou na luta com HIPOTIROIDISMO!!
    Que doença insuportável, ando com muitas dores, até já operei, mas juntou com a MENOPAUSA, o que fazer doutor? E o calor interno? ME AJUDE!!

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