Dr Oz: Jeopardy Cholesterol Edition: Statin Drugs & Plant Sterols


Dr Oz: Cholesterol FAQ’s

Dr Oz played Jeopardy: Cholesterol Edition to answer some of our Cholesterol FAQ’s!  The categories for Doctor Oz’s Jeopardy game included Breakfast Boosters, In A Nutshell, Go Fish and Medicine Cabinet Cures.  Here are the Cholesterol Jeopardy questions and answers:

Dr Oz: Margarine Lowers Cholesterol

Dr Oz’s first answer was: Plant Sterols often added to this spread may lower your cholesterol levels.  The correct response Dr Oz Cholesterolwas “what is margarine?”  I suppose that this is why we are told to use margarine instead of butter.

Dr Oz: Red Wine Raises HDL Cholesterol

Doctor Oz’s second answer was: “this red beverage contains Resveratrol and can raise your good HDL Cholesterol Levels.”  The correct response was “what is red wine?”

Dr Oz: Statin Drugs or Lipitor

Dr Oz’s third answer was: “the most popular prescription medication used for high cholesterol.”  The correct response was Statin Drugs or Lipitor, which are the most prescribed drugs to treat high cholesterol levels.

Dr Oz: Polyunsaturated Fat in Fish

Doctor Oz’s fourth answer (a Daily Double) was from the Sea Breeze Fish Market in NYC: “the Polyunsaturated Fat found in fish can help to lower your cholesterol.”  The correct response was: “What is Omega-3 Fatty Acids?”  Dr Oz said that you want to get two servings of Omega-3 Fatty Acids every week and that will help to reduce your cholesterol, forgetfulness and fatigue.

Dr Oz: Transfat in Partially Hydrogenated Oil

Dr Oz’s Final Jeopardy was under the topic of Cholesterol Double Trouble.  The answer was “the most dangerous fat often found in cookies, cakes and french fries.”  The correct response was “what are Transfats?”  Doctor Oz said that Transfats are the worst kinds of fat and you should watch out for ingredients like Partially Hydrogenated Oil.



  1. Jo Olsen says

    Watched dr. oz’s show today May 10th re Plant sterols. Dr. Oz said we could go on line and get a sheet of information on the plant sterols. Cannot find it. Please send me a copy to take to my heart dr. to replace or add to my statin program.

    Thank you.

  2. Ken Lizzi says

    also looking for the information sheet regarding plant sterols. cannot find the sheet that Dr. Oz mentioned on his program on may 9 2013

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