Dr Oz: Keratosis Pilaris, Spider Bites & Ingrown Hairs


Dr Oz played a game called Simple Cures For The Most Common Bumps, to teach everyone about Karatosis Pilaris, Spider Bites and Ingrown Hairs.  Doctor Oz said that all of these bumps can cause itchiness, pain and discomfort.  But do you know the difference between a spider bite and a mosquito bite?  Or a pimple vs ingrown hair?  Or a rash vs Keratosis Pilaris?

Dr Oz: Spider Bite vs Mosquito Bite

Dr Oz’s audience member guessed that a bug bite was a Spider Bite because it had a pronounced center and spread out like a Dr Oz Karatosis Pilarisrash.  Doctor Oz confirmed that it was in fact a Spider Bite because it has a raised area, is circular and has a pinpoint spot in the center.  Plus, a Spider Bite is larger than a Mosquito Bite.  The location of the bug bite can also give you a clue, because mosquitoes tend to bite you on your ankles or on skin that is exposed, whereas a spider can crawl up your clothing and bite you anywhere.  Dr Oz said that you can treat both Spider Bites and Mosquito Bites with ice and hydrocortisone cream.

Dr Oz: Ingrown Hair vs Pimple

Dr Oz said that an Ingrown Hair is caused by a hair follicle getting stuck underneath your skin, whereas a pimple is just a blocked pore.  You can often see a tiny hair inside of an Ingrown Hair.  To treat it, you should soak the area in warm water and then dislodge the hair follicle with a sterile pair of tweezers.

Dr Oz: Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

Dr Oz said that Karatosis Pilaris makes you look like you have a patch of chicken-like skin, which is caused by too much keratin.  It is kind of like painting a house with too many layers of paint.  Doctor Oz suggested treating Keratosis Pilaris with an oatmeal-based cream and exfoliation.

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