Dr Oz: Light Beer Has Less Calories Than Wine Coolers: Drink FAQs

Dr Oz: Rethink Your Drink

Dr Oz played a game called Rethink Your Drink to teach us about which drinks have fewer calories than other alternatives.  Often, when people want to lose weight, they think about calories in what they eat.  But you cannot forget about all of the calories found in beverages that you drink.  Doctor Oz compared drinks like Cappuccinos vs Lattes, Apple Juice vs Tomato Juice and Wine Coolers vs Light Beer.  Do you know which ones have the least calories?

Dr Oz: Cappuccino Has Less Calories Than Latte

Doctor Oz’s first question was which drink has fewer calories: a Cappuccino or a Latte?  The answer is that Cappuccinos have fewer calories Dr Oz Light Beer vs Wine Coolerbecause the milk is frothed and so it is full of air, whereas Lattes are made of steamed milk which means they have a greater milk content.  Dr Oz did point out that regular coffee in and of itself is actually considered a health food in his mind.

Dr Oz: Tomato Juice vs Apple Juice

Dr Oz’s second question was which drink has fewer calories: Tomato Juice or Natural Apple Juice?  The answer is Tomato Juice!  In an 8 ounce portion of tomato juice, you get 50 calories plus Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Lycopene and Antioxidants.  In the same amount of apple juice, you get 110 calories.

Dr Oz: Wine Coolers vs Light Beer

Doctor Oz’s final question was which drink has fewer calories: Light Beer or Wine Coolers?  The answer is that Light Beer has less calories than a Wine Cooler.  Dr Oz said that moderate consumption of light beer actually can lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of having a Heart Attack.


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