Dr Oz: Magnesium Boosts Metabolism & Vitamin A Fights Wrinkles


Dr Oz: Vitamin Smackdown

Dr Oz played a game called Vitamin Smackdown to teach you which vitamins are the most important for boosting your metabolism and fighting wrinkles.  Here are Doctor Oz’s tips on some important vitamins and minerals.

Dr Oz: Magnesium Boosts Metabolism

Doctor Oz’s first question was which vitamin or mineral is best for boosting your metabolism?  The answer is Magnesium boosts your metabolism by Dr Oz Vitamin Smackdownhelping your body to convert the food that you eat into energy.  Try taking 400  mg of Magnesium every day.

Dr Oz: Vitamin A Fights Wrinkles

Dr Oz’s second question was which vitamin or mineral is best for fighting wrinkles: Vitamin A, Selenium or Zinc?  The answer is Vitamin A, which is why creams often contain retinols.  Try taking 1500 IU of Vitamin A daily.

Dr Oz: Vitamin B3 & Vitamin K

Doctor Oz’s final question was which of the following vitamins does not exist: Vitamin B2, Vitamin K or Vitamin B8?  The answer is that Vitamin B8 does not exist, but I found this trivia question to be really rather pointless.  I’m not sure how it helps us to know that Vitamin B8 does not exist!


  1. Leyla Fiallos says

    What was the name of the vitamin that reduces your mid section belly fat? It starts with a “V.”

    Thank you!

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