Dr Oz: Memory Boosters: Tomatoes & Orange Juice


Dr Oz: Memory Boosting Foods

Dr Oz played a game on his show called Are You Smarter Than Your 4th Grader?  The topic of the game was Memory Boosters to pack in your lunch bag.  Doctor Oz had a lady named Barbara, who was a former fourth grade teacher and now a grandma (though I would have definitely thought she was the mother if I saw them walking down the street!), and her grandson Jeremy play the game together.

Dr Oz: Lycopene Helps Memory

Dr Oz’s first question was in a turkey, cheese and tomato sandwich, which part of the sandwich contains Lycopene that helps to keep your memory strong?  Turkey?  Cheese?  Or the tomato?  The answer is that the tomato contains the Lycopene, which gives a great memory boost to your lunch!

Dr Oz: Folic Acid Helps Brain Store Information

Doctor Oz’s next question was which of the following drinks is richest in Folic Acid and helps your brain to store information?  Milk? Dr Oz Memory Boosting Foods  Orange Juice?  Or Cranberry Juice?  The answer is that Orange Juice contains the most Folic Acid, which is why it is great to drink one cup of it with the pulp every day to boost your brain power!


  1. Monty Sullivan says

    Why didn’t you mention cucumbers for folic acid?

    On Island of Crete everyone there eats them to lower body temperature during heatwave and for folic acid.

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