Dr Oz: Pears Help You Lose Weight & Papayas Boost Energy


Dr Oz: Fresh Fruit Smackdown

Doctor Oz played a game called Fresh Fruit Smackdown to teach everyone about the best fruits for weight loss, to increase your energy and to fight aging.  Dr Oz’s helper (who recently found out she was pregnant – Congratulations!!!) said that her favorite fruits include mangoes, blueberries, grapefruits and oranges.  But which fruits are best for losing weight, looking younger and for boosting energy?  Here is what Dr Oz said:

Dr Oz: Papayas Boost Energy

Dr Oz said that he loves grapefruit, but papayas have double the Vitamin C of a grapefruit.  Vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron, and if you Dr Oz Pears Help You Lose Weightdo not have enough iron then you become Anemic which can make you feel tired and like you do not have any energy.

Dr Oz: Pears Make You Lose Weight

Doctor Oz asked whether peaches or pears are the best fruit to help you lose weight.  The answer is that pears help you to lose weight because they are very high in fiber.  A study found that if you eat 3 small pears instead of cookies with exactly the same amount of calories, you will lose more weight by eating the pears.  All calories are not created equally!  So pick your food and sources of calories carefully!

Dr Oz: Plums For Anti-Aging

Dr Oz’s last question was which fruit is best for fighting off aging: plums or pineapples?  The answer is plums, which are a great source of antioxidants.  Plus, plums have Vitamin A which stimulates tissue growth and helps your skin to look younger.

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