Dr Oz: Pedometer, Digital Thermometer & Digital Bathroom Scale

Dr Oz Pedometer

Dr Oz: Save Or Splurge

Dr Oz played a game called Save Or splurge to teach us which essential items you should save your money on and which ones are worth the splurge.  Should you buy an inexpensive or a more pricey bathroom scale, digital thermometer and pedometer?  Here is what Doctor Oz thinks we should do…

Dr Oz: Bathroom Scale

Dr Oz’s first question in the game is, to get an accurate reading on a bathroom scale, do you have to splurge or can you Dr Oz Pedometersave?  The correct answer is that you can save.  A great Digital Scale costs around $30.  The only thing Doctor Oz mentioned was that he prefers a digital scale the most.  Click here to read about a bathroom scale that Dr Oz recommended in a previous segment: Quantum Scale.

Dr Oz: Digital Thermometer

Dr Oz’s second question is, to get an accurate temperature reading, should you splurge or save?  The correct answer is to save, because you can get an excellent digital thermometer for $6.  Doctor Oz said that you should avoid the old mercury thermometers which can be dangerous, and bring them to your pharmacy or doctor’s office so that they can be disposed of safely.

Dr Oz: Pedometer

Dr Oz’s final question is: can you save on your pedometer or should you splurge?  This was the only area where Doctor Oz suggested that we splurge.  You can get a pedometer for $15 but it loses its accuracy in a few months.  Instead, increase your budget to around $25 and you can get a nice pedometer that will last a long time and attaches to the waistband of your pants.  I wonder how the accuracy of the $25 pedometer compares to the accuracy of this iTunes Pedometer (which is free!) that Dr Oz mentioned on a previous show.

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