Dr Oz: Prevention Power Hour 3 Things Dr Oz Keeps In His Bag


3 Things Dr Oz Keeps In His Bag

In this segment, Dr Oz finally revealed what he kept in his daily bag. (At least those things that were permissible to show on television anyway.) He used Charlene and Terry to play the guessing game, “3 Things Dr Oz Keeps In His Bag.”

Charlene stated that she kept everything but the kitchen sink in her bag. Dr Oz Prevention Power Hour She had Chap Stick, gum and her wallet in her bag, just to name a few. She was on the road all day so therefore had to keep beauty essentials like mascara and eyeliner. Teri, the next audience member stated that she had to keep her electronics in her bag. She told Dr Oz that her bag was filled with pens, pencils and her phone.



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