Dr Oz: Red Meat Gives Energy, Spinach Helps Joints & Herring


Dr Oz Foods That Make You Feel Younger

Doctor Oz played a game called Foods That Make You Feel Younger to teach us how to feel less fatigued and achey just by changing the foods that we eat.  One of Dr Oz’s contestants said she turned 50 two weeks ago and has been in denial about it.  His other contestant said that Pinot Grigio is what makes her feel young!  Here are the foods that Dr Oz says will give you more energy, keep your joints from aching, make your skin feel younger and lower your cholesterol.

Dr Oz: Red Meat Gives Energy

Dr Oz’s first question was: “If you have less energy, should you have more red meat, broccoli, eggplant or an energy bar?”  The correct answer is that lean red meat Dr Oz Foods That Make You Feel Younger can give you more energy.  Doctor Oz said that the emphasis should be on the word “lean” though!  Red Meat is a great source of iron, and many women have low iron and are Anemic, which makes you feel sluggish.  Dr Oz said that iron from meat sources are easier for our body to absorb than iron from vegetarian sources.  But do not go overboard either – you should only have red meat 1-2 times a week.

Dr Oz: Spinach Helps Joints

Doctor Oz’s next question was: “If your joints ache, you should have more spinach, carrots, turnips or cucumber?”  The correct answer is that spinach helps prevent aching joints because it contains copper and other minerals.  You can find these minerals also in beef and nuts, but spinach is the best source.

Dr Oz: Orange Juice Is Good For Skin

Dr Oz’s third question was: “to make your skin feel younger, you should drink more: orange juice, skim milk, apple juice or grapefruit juice?”  The correct answer is that orange juice is great for your skin because it has lots of Vitamin C which helps with collagen production and helps to prevent wrinkles.  Grapefruit Juice also has Vitamin C, but not quits as much as Orange Juice.

Dr Oz: Herring Lowers Cholesterol

Doctor Oz’s final question was “To make your arteries feel younger and to lower your cholesterol, should you eat: herring, shrimp, cod or scallops?”  The correct answer is that you should eat Herring to lower your cholesterol because it has the most omega 3 fats and act as an anti-inflammatory to keep your arteries elastic.

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