Dr Oz: Sauerkraut Helps IBS, Ketchup Prevents Heart Disease


Dr Oz: Condiment Cures

Dr Oz said that certain condiments can help you to avoid getting sick.  Did you know that ketchup prevents Heart Disease?  Sauerkraut helps IBS?  And Olive Oil prevents Memory Loss?  Here is what Doctor Oz said about these condiments in a game called Condiment Cures: Add This, Avoid That.

Dr Oz: Ketchup Prevents Heart Disease

Dr Oz said that to avoid Heart Disease, you should use Ketchup because it has Vitamins A, C and E plus antioxidants.  The Dr Oz Sauerkraut Relieves Gaslycopene in ketchup also slows down the hardening of arteries.  But do not overdo it with the ketchup, because it often has quite a bit of added sugar.  Instead, I personally would rather use cooked tomatoes, like in a tomato sauce, because it has the same properties but without the extra sugar.

Dr Oz: Sauerkraut Helps Gas & Bloating

Doctor Oz said that IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome causes bloating and gas, but Saurkraut can help with these symptoms.  Sauerkraut has probiotics in it like lactobacillus which relieves the discomfort from gas and bloating.  I have also found that taking a probiotic supplement has helped me significantly with digestive issues and IBS.

Dr Oz: Olive Oil Prevents Memory Loss

Dr Oz’s final Condiment Cure is to use Olive Oil to avoid Memory Loss.  Olive Oil helps to keep your brain’s cells healthy and it has chemicals that turn on certain parts of your brain when they are digested.

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