Dr Oz: Should You Buy Brand Name Or Generic Brands?


Dr Oz played a game called Buy Brand Name Or Generic to teach us about which products we should spend extra to buy the brand name and which products we should just by the generic brand.  Which should be Name Brand and which should be Generic Brand for a can of tuna fish, Over-The-Counter antacid tablets and a box of cereal?

Dr Oz: Brand Name Tuna vs Generic Tuna

Dr Oz said that you should buy Brand Name Tuna because there is more water than fish in Generic Brand Tuna, so this is not the place to skimp.  In my personal opinion, I would opt for the Dr Oz Brand Name vs Generictuna or salmon in the pouches over the fish in the cans anyway!

Dr Oz: Generic Brand Antacids vs Brand Name Antacids

Dr Oz said that you should buy Generic Antacids over Brand Name Antacids, because the fancy packaging is not important.  By law, the antacids have to be identical as long as their ingredients are the same, so they will have the same impact.  Just make sure to double check and compare both ingredient lists.

Dr Oz: Name Brand Cereal vs Generic Cereal

Dr Oz said that Generic Brand Cereal is the way to go, which is one of the biggest surprises.  You can save 25-50% or more by buying generic cereal over Brand Name Cereal.  Plus, Dr Oz said that Generic Cereal often has less air in the bag.  Read the food label to be sure that the ingredients are similar and that one is not more sugary than another.


  1. Ozzie says

    Regarding the tuna, I disagree. Wegman’s store brand albacore tastes great, and is better quality than the top two brand names. The normal price is .99 for a SIX ounce can (all Brand name tuna is now a five ounce can), and it’s on sale frequently for .59 or .79/can with your (free) shoppers card. I stock up during the sales!

  2. Phoebe says

    One of Dr. Oz’s sponsors sells Brand name tuna! What a sellout! Generic tuna is NOT inferior, does NOT have more water than Brand names, it’s just that tens of thousands of people have switched to generic tuna so the Brand names have to figure out ways to advertise their products now without it appearing to be an advertisement. What a better way than to have a DOCTOR tell you to buy Brand name tuna. Dr. Oz should be ashamed of himself.

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