Dr Oz: Sinus Infection, Gingivitis & Kidney Infection Warning Signs


Dr Oz played a game called Infection Detection to teach about warning signs of Sinus Infections, Gingivitis and Kidney Infections.  How do you know when sniffles and sneezes or back pain is something to worry about?  Doctor Oz gave a list of infection warning signs that you cannot afford to ignore.

Dr Oz: Sinus Infection & Facial Pain

Dr Oz asked which of the following is a major warning sign of a Sinus Infection: nasal congestion, a cough or facial pain?  The Dr Oz Kidney Infectionanswer is that facial pain can be a sign of a Sinus Infection, because your sinuses are hollow spaces filled with air, but when the pressure builds or liquid collects than the mucus membranes swell and you can get pain.  One solution for treating Sinus Infections is to use a Net Pot.  Click here to read a review comparing several different Neti Pots: Neti Pot Reviews

Dr Oz: Gingivitis & Bleeding Gums

Dr Oz asked which of the following is a major warning sign of Gingivitis: bleeding gums, a toothache or bad breath?  The answer is that bleeding gums can be a sign of Gingivitis.  If you have poor oral hygiene, that plaque can form, causing your gums to swell and bleed.  If your gums bleed every day, you should see a dentist.  Make sure that you floss everyday to help prevent Gingivitis and whatever you do, do not ignore bleeding gums because Gingivitis can cause Heart Attacks!

Dr Oz: Kidney Infection & Back Pain Under Ribs

Dr Oz asked which of the following is a major warning sign of a Kidney Infection: back pain under your ribs, pain with urination or the urge to urinate often.  The answer is that back pain under your ribs can be a sign of a Kidney Infection, because your kidneys could get inflamed as a bladder infection migrates up into your kidneys.


  1. I have a kidney infecion says

    What exactly causes kidney failure,
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    I know it is what you eat and drink, and so I doing exactly as you say on your diet…
    And could stress and anxiety is a part that increase my hypertension…?
    and thus cause..the kidneys to fail?
    I would really appreciate your professional opinion,
    Thank you

    Peter Gastis of
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    L3R 2G8

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