Dr Oz: Sleepless Nights: Don’t Eat Before Going To Bed


Dr Oz: Importance of Sleep

Dr Oz played a game called the Stairway to End Sleepless Nights to teach us fun facts about sleep.  Doctor Oz said that sleep impacts your memory, concentration and overall health – so we should all try to get enough sleep (quality sleep that is!).

Dr Oz: Don’t Eat 2 Hours Before Sleep

Dr Oz’s first true or false question was: “Eating a small healthy snack before bed can help you fall asleep?”  This is false!  Even if your snack has tryptophan in it (like turkey), there can be Dr Oz Sleepother chemicals (especially in animal products) that will keep you awake.  A general rule of thumb is to avoid eating anything two hours before going to sleep.

Dr Oz: Afternoon Naps Are Not Normal

Dr Oz’s second question was “It is normal to nod off in the afternoon – true or false?”  The answer is that this is false.  It may be normal to feel less energetic in the afternoon, but if your eyelids are heavy, then you are not getting enough sleep at night.

Dr Oz: Night Owls Have Depression

Doctor Oz’s final question was: “It doesn’t matter what time you go to sleep – true or false?”  False again!  Night owls (people who stay up late), even if they get enough hours of sleep, they are more likely to have depression than Early Birds.  So shift your bedtime up as much as possible!

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