Dr Oz: Superfoods for Super Sleep: Sunflower Seeds, Honey & Banana

Dr Oz: Sleep Foods

Dr Oz played a game called Superfoods for Super Sleep.  2 out of 3 women say that they do not get good sleep, so Doctor Oz put together a list of three foods that will help you to fall asleep.  Three women had a superfood written on a sign on top of her head, and Dr Oz gave each of them clues for 30 seconds to guess the superfood.  If the correct word was guessed, the woman would receive a year’s supply of the food!

Dr Oz: Sunflower Seeds For Sleep

Dr Oz’s first Superfood for Sleep is Sunflower Seeds.  He could not say the words shell,Dr Oz Superfoods For Sleepsmall or garden.  So he gave the lady clues like: you put them in the ground and get something with lots of yellow flowers and it takes ray from the what?  And right at the end of the 30 seconds she guessed Sunflower Seeds!  Doctor Oz said that Sunflower Seeds have Tryptophan which stimulates your brain to help you dose off.  Plus, cracking the Sunflower Seeds is great for stress management.  Another bonus of Sunflower Seeds is that they are full of Vitamin E and great for hot flashes (click here to read more about this: Dr Oz Hot Flash Fighting Foods.)

Dr Oz: Honey Helps You Sleep

Dr Oz’s next Superfood for Sleep was honey.  He could not use the words bee, sweet or tea.  He gave the woman the clue that things buzz around and collect pollen and … she guessed Honey right away!  Doctor Oz said that honey has sugar and glucose, which tells your brain to slow down.  That is why you feel less alert or more tired when you eat sugar.  Dr Oz said to not eat more than 2 tsp of honey though.

Dr Oz: Bananas Help You Sleep

Dr Oz’s final Superfood for Sleep is a banana.  He could not use the words peel, yellow or fruit.  He told the lady that what you take off the outside can make you slip if it is on the ground… and she guessed bananas!  Dr Oz said that the potassium found in bananas relaxes your muscles.  Eat one banana two hours before going to bed.  Click here to read the recap where Dr Oz spoke about the importance of not eating right before going to bed: Dr Oz Sleepless Nights.


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    Doctor qz i think you are wonderful on your show, and could you please tell us about the banana, sunfower for better sleep. Thank you so much and keep up the wonderful work on the show of yours,

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