Dr Oz: Swiss Cheese Is Best For Lactose Intolerance

Dr Oz Choose This Cheese

Doctor Oz played a game called Choose This Cheese to teach us which types of cheese we should add to our diet.  And guess what the prize was… Dr Oz’s head carved out of a big block of Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese!

Dr Oz: Cheddar Prevents Tooth Decay

Dr Oz asked which condition can cheddar cheese help prevent?  Tooth Decay, Constipation or High Cholesterol?  The answer is that Cheddar Cheese helps to Dr Oz Swiss Cheese & Lactose Intolerantprevent tooth decay because it increases your saliva production that fights off bacteria in your mouth.  Doctor Oz said that the best time to eat a small amount of Cheddar Cheese is after you eat a meal.

Dr Oz: Swiss Cheese For Lactose Intolerant

Doctor Oz’s next question was which cheese is best for someone who is Lactose Intolerant?  Swiss Cheese, Feta Cheese or American Cheese?  The answer is that Swiss Cheese is best for Lactose Intolerance because it is an aged hard cheese.  The more a cheese is aged, the less lactose it has.  Dr Oz said that after 3 months of aging, almost all of the lactose found in cheese goes away.

Dr Oz: Vitamin B12 Fights Fatigue

Dr Oz’s final question was which vitamin found in Mozzarella Cheese fights fatigue?  Vitamin B6, Vitamin B11 or Vitamin B12?  The answer is that Vitamin B12 which is found in Mozzarella and almost all types of cheese helps to fight fatigue, because it produces energy and helps to fight off Anemia.

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