Dr. Oz: The Secret Reason You Cannot Lose a Pound


Doctor Oz played a game called “What Does That Do?” on his show to teach us about what different body parts do, so that we could learn if there are secret body parts that may be preventing us from being able to lose weight.  Lets see how you do, do you think these body parts could be a reason you cannot lose weight?…

Dr. Oz’s Secret Reasons You Can’t Lose a Pound:

1.  Islets of Langerhans

The Islets of Langerhans could be a reason that you cannot lose a pound!  The Islets of Langerhans is located in your pancreas and releases insulin into your bloodstream.

2.  Uvula

False, the uvula will not effect if you can lose weight or not.  The uvula is that ball that hangs in the back of your mouth that vibrates when  you say “ahhhhh.”

3.  Zona Fasciculata

The Zone Fasciculata is located in your adrenal gland, and it could be a reason that you cannot lose a pound.

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