Dr Oz: Vitamin A Deficiency Causes Squinting & Flaky Skin


Dr Oz: $500 Health Drop Game

Play along to see if you can answer questions in the $500 Dollar Health Drop Game.  Unlike the audience members who won the cash if they guessed correctly, you’ll only win the satisfaction of having this important knowledge!

The object of the game was for the players to place all of the money Dr Oz had given them onto the correct answer to the questions.  (There were a choice of 3 answers.)  First, one incorrect answer was “dropped,” then another incorrect answer was “dropped.”  If guessed correctly, the audience members won the money.

Dr Oz: Vitamin A Deficiencies Cause Flaky Skin

1. Vitamin A is the key to great skin. If you have a deficiency, what kind of skin Dr Oz Vitamin A Deficiencywill this result in?


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