Dr Oz: Vitamin B12 Foods: Octopus & Cheese


Dr Oz: Octopus & Cheese Have Vitamin B12!

Dr Oz played a game called Win Your Daily Dose of Vitamin B12 to teach all of us how to get Vitamin B12 into our diets.  Doctor Oz said that Vitamin B12 is important for our metabolism, memory and it can even help to prevent dementia.  He picked two ladies from his audience to play the game: Jessica and Karen.  Since Jessica’s Vitamin B12 levels were higher, she got to pick door number 1 or 2 first.  So she picked door number 2 because it was bright yellow like her car she said.  Dr Oz told Karen that she could either steal Jessica’s door or go with door number 1, so she was nice and picked the hot pink door number 1.


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