Dr Oz: Vitamin C in Oranges, Red Peppers & Vitamin C Supplements

Dr Oz: Win Your Daily Dose

Dr Oz played a game called Win Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C.  Three ladies from his audience each got to select a door.  Behind each door was a special source of Vitamin C, and one of the doors also came with a special prize.  Did you know that Vitamin C could be the secret reason that you are getting sick and tired?  Vitamin C has many powerful benefits including preventing collagen from being destroyed, and since it is a strong antioxidant it also reduces your risk of Cancer, Heart Disease and Arthritis.  Here are the three Vitamin C Sources that Doctor Oz spoke about:

Dr Oz: How Much Vitamin C Are In Oranges?

Dr Oz revealed door number one, which contained a bunch of oranges.  He said that oranges have almost all of the Vitamin C a person 19 years Dr Oz Vitamin Cold or older needs, because one orange has 70 mg of Vitamin C and you need 75 mg of Vitamin C daily.  The lady who chose door number one won a year’s supply of oranges and the grand prize, which was a trip for two to Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr Oz: Red Peppers & Vitamin C

Doctor Oz said that Red Peppers also have a ton of Vitamin C, even more than oranges.  Green Peppers also have Vitamin C, but only around the same amount as oranges.

Dr Oz: Vitamin C Shortens Colds

Dr Oz said that it is a common misconception that Vitamin C prevents colds.  Research has shown that this is not true, however, Vitamin C can shorten the duration of a cold.  Dr Oz suggested taking 500 mg of Vitamin C as soon as you feel sick, and continue taking it until you feel better.


  1. Mary says

    Do you recommend Dr. Perricone’s weitght lose. I’ve read his books and it’s basically taking pills and liquids his brand of course. I thi=ought it too be very expensive.

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