Dr. Oz: What’s That Spread? Healthy Breakfast Spread Choices


Doctor Oz played the game “What’s That Spread?” to teach us what are the healthiest and best choices to eat for breakfast, the most important meal of the day! The choices were: low fat cream cheese, peanut butter, strawberry jam, margarine and cottage cheese. Lets see how much you know about healthy breakfast spread options!

Dr. Oz’s Healthy Breakfast Spread Game of “What’s That Spread?”

Clue 1: What natural, cholesterol-free food contains protein and keeps you energized until your next meal?  Peanut Butter!!!!

Clue 2: What spread is naturally low in fat and high in protein (around 100 calories for a half cup) and also can be a healthy substitute to use in recipes?  Cottage Cheese!!!

Clue 3: What spread is fat free and has lots of antioxidants, but is not the healthiest breakfast spread option since it contains high fructose corn syrup?  Strawberry Jam!!!

My question though, is what about if you get a strawberry jam that is organic and doesn’t have corn syrup in it?  I absolutely adore a little strawberry preserves on my peanut butter!


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