Dr. Oz: When Does Food Expire? Mustard, Mayo, Eggs, Meat & More

Doctor Oz played a game called “When Does It Expire” to teach us when to keep food and when to throw our food out in our kitchen!  Guess how months the following products can be kept before they expire and should be thrown out:

Dr. Oz’s When Does Food Expire?

1.  How long can you leave mustard in the refrigerator before it expires?

ANSWER: 8 months!  There is a fat soluble alcohol in mustard that keeps it good for longer.  Other condiments have a shorter shelf life.  Mayonnaise should be thrown out after 2 months and ketchup should be thrown out after 4 months.

2.  How long can you keep meat in your freezer before it expires?

ANSWER: 12 months!  If you freeze meat within 2 days of purchasing it, the meat will be good for 12 months.  To avoid freezer burn on your meat, wrap it first in aluminum foil and then in plastic bags.

3.  How long can you keep canned goods (canned vegetables specifically) before they expire?

ANSWER: 24 months or 2 years.

4.  How long can you keep eggs after you purchase them?

ANSWER: 1 month

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