Dr Oz: Yerba Mate & Celery Juice: Miracle Drinks To Stay Young

Dr Oz Miracle Drinks

Dr Oz played a game called the $500 Health Drop to teach us about Miracle Drinks to keep you young such as Yerba Mate Tea, Celery Juice and Mango Juice.  Here is what Doctor Oz had to say about each of these healthy drinks:

Dr Oz: Celery Juice Protects Heart

Doctor Oz’s first question was which juice is highest in Vitamin K and works to protect your blood vessels and heart: celery juice, apply juice or beet Dr Oz Miracle Drinksjuice?  The answer is Celery Juice, because it relaxes your arteries and decreases your blood pressure.  Potassium also helps to lower your blood pressure.

Dr Oz: Yerba Mate Tea

Dr Oz’s second question was which tea is called the “Tea of Gods” in South America, gives you energy, and keeps your brain young?  Yerba Mite Tea, Bergamot Tea or Chamomile Tea?  The answer is Yerba Mate Tea, which stimulates your central nervous system and boosts your brain power.

Dr Oz: Mango Juice

Doctor Oz’s final question was which fruit juice can keep your skin looking young and health: Mango Juice, Peach Juice or Pear Juice?  The answer is Mango Juice, which is also extremely tasty!


  1. Julie says

    I have Huntington’s disease and I am curious about Yerba Mate my nuerologist wants me to stay away from all stimulants — I have tried it and I loved it but it makes me manic – I have trouble sleeping — I am a big fan of herbal teas — I was drinking green tea but I am finding myself sensitive too that too– I love the mental clarity for it — is yerba mate considered a stimulant ? can patients with HD take it ? it helps so much with my clarity — I use Tulsi tea everyday — or roobis teas –

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