Dr Oz: Zinc Daily Dose: Dark Chocolate, Liver & Oysters


Dr Oz Zinc

Dr Oz said that Zinc is a must-have mineral that gives you more energy – and who does not need extra energy these days?  Here are some tips on the recommended daily allowance of Zinc for women, along with some of the best sources of Zinc found naturally in foods.

Dr Oz: Zinc Recommended Daily Allowance

Doctor Oz’s first question was “what is the recommended daily allowance for Zinc for women?”  The answer is that you want to get at least 8 mg of Zinc, Dr Oz Zinc Daily Allowancebut no more than 40 mg of Zinc per day because it can cause nausea and other side effects.  Your body cannot store or make Zinc, so its important that you take it daily or include it in your diet.

Dr Oz: Zinc Produces Keratin

Dr Oz’s next question was “zinc helps to keep your hair healthy because it helps to produce which protein: Keratin or Casein?”  The answer is that you need Zinc to help make Keratin, otherwise your hair will get brittle which is a sign of Zinc Deficiency.

Dr Oz: Foods Containing Zinc

Doctor Oz said that the following three foods all contain Zinc:



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    I’ve been losing my sense of smell and taste for the past three years. Is there any thing i can do to bring it back? I can’t smell candles, perfume, or food. I can only taste spicy foods and some sweet.

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