Dr Oz’s Children: The Oz Kids Reveal Dr Oz’s Secrets

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Dr Oz’s Children: The Oz Kids Reveal Dr Oz’s Secrets

By on February 14, 2011

Dr Oz’s children – Daphne Oz, Arabella Oz, Zoe Oz and Oliver Oz – gave some surprising things that you never knew about Doctor Oz as part of Dr Oz’s Surprise Party.  Even Dr Oz’s biggest fans like you and I probably never knew these secrets about Dr Oz – like what is his favorite cake or Dr Oz’s biggest fear?

Dr Oz: German Chocolate Cake

Daphne, Dr Oz’s oldest daughter, said that Dr Oz does spend most of his time eating nuts and being super healthy, but on his birthday he splurges and his favorite treat is to eat German Dr Oz ChildrenChocolate Cake.

Dr Oz: Scared of Heights

Arabella, the second of the Oz Kids, is studying abroad for the year in England, but she made a special video appearance to tell everyone that her father is terrified of heights and he won’t look down from the window of his office which is high up in a building.

The Oz Olympics

Zoe, the third of The Oz Kids, said that Dr Oz is extremely competitive and created The Oz Olympics where they compete as a family in all kinds of fun games.

Dr Oz: Harry Potter Books

Oliver, the last of The Oz Kids and the only boy, said that Dr Oz loves the Harry Potter Books and he listens to them on tape.

All of Dr Oz’s Children, except for Arabella who is in England, joined Dr Oz to see how well his answers would match with his children’s answers.

Dr Oz’s Kids Reveal All

The first question they asked Dr Oz was what do you think is your worst habit?  Dr Oz said his temper, but the kids said impatience.

The second question they asked Dr Oz was who is stricter, you or mom?  Dr Oz said that their mother is more strict, but all of the kids said that Dr Oz is more strict and talks about good grades and getting into a good college all the time.  Dr Oz argued that their mother is more strict about smaller things though like what movies they can watch.

The final question was what is your favorite piece of advice to give to the Oz Children?  Dr Oz said to Show Up In Life, which is exactly what his children said!

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