Doctor Oz: Rosie O’Donnell Stent & Female Heart Attack Shame?


Rosie O’Donnell on Dr Oz

Dr. Oz is talking openly with Rosie O’Donnell about her recent heart attack where she had a blockage so dramatic doctors call it a “widowmaker.”

Dr Oz: What is a Widowmaker?

As Doctor Oz began his explanation for Rosie and the audience he stated that this is actually becoming the “widowermaker” because it is happening more and more to women. You have a major vessel in front of the heart that gives most of the blood to the heart where this blockage happens and when it does you go down quickly and you down hard, according to Dr. Oz. As he shared this fact, it was obvious from his face and his words that he is still so surprised Rosie O’Donnell is alive after suffering such a major attack to her heart.

Doctor Oz: Widowmaker Heart Attack in Women

In a powerful animation, Dr. Oz showed Rosie and the audience how this type of heart attacks happens. In a healthy situation that vessel is constantly pumping blood into the heart, but then over time plaque can build up causing a blockage, then pieces of the plaque can actually break off, then eventually there’s a clot and that closes off the opening to the heart. The heart then begins to beat erratically and a bruise actually forms in that area. And with his hands in the air and his eyes on Rosie, Dr. Oz said this is how most women die.

Dr Oz: Healthy Vs Unhealthy Heart

As Dr. Oz often likes to do, he pulled out two pairs purple medical gloves and brought Rosie to a table where there was an unhealthy heart for them to examine. He pointed out first of all that has a lot of added fat, but also an ulcer that is very hard to the touch and where plaque is found that can get into your arteries. Somehow, Rosie O’Donnell survived that injury to her own heart and Dr. Oz calls what the doctors did for her was a modern day miracle.

Doctor Oz: Rosie O’Donnell Stent for Heart Attack

Doctor Oz: Rosie O'Donnell Stent & Female Heart Attack Shame?

Rosie O’Donnell says she doesn’t want to mess up since being given a “bonus” round at life.


  1. Leta says

    I survived this same problem but didn’t reach the heart attack stage. After 2 ER visits and treated like I was stupid I demanded that they do the cath in the leg – had 99% block to the left descending area of the heart which is the widow maker. I had by-pass surgery within several day. I had to go the by-pass route because a couple of years before lost vision in my left eye from malignant hypertension and could not be on blood thinners. The cardio practice I went 2 was not so nice in the beginning when I demanded the cath I got another dr in the practice and he was great. He found the problem within a few minutes and saved my life. Like Rosie I feel I am here for a bigger purpose by all accounts I show be gone and so should Rosie as in all my studies it tells you that you don’t usually survive this type of issue with the heart. The symptoms were not what I expected to feel and found it very difficult to explain and felt the ER didn’t take it very serious at first but kept me overnight both times and I just demanded the cath on the 2 visit, I knew something was bad wrong, because stress test had been done (put me in the first ER visit later that day) and the ultrasound was done which showed a health heart muscle. I am a believer that before any other test is done they need to go in a do the cath in the leg to look at your heart and vessels — it saved my life!!!!

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