Dr G on Dr Oz: High Blood Pressure Silent Killer & No Warning Signs


Dr Oz: Blood Pressure No Warning Signs

Now that you are probably a medical mystery pro, Dr. G’s next case might be a little easier to solve. She and Dr. Oz have already shared two cases from her personal case files, one where the deceased died from a blood clot in the lungs and another where the person died from bleeding to death, which was caused by a stomach ulcer.

Dr Oz: Dr G Medical Examiner Case File

Dr. G has brought another one of her personal case files for Dr. Oz and his audience to solve. In this case the deceased is a woman who is 39 years old. She was 5’ 7” tall and weighed 175 pounds at the time of her death. She had no known medical history and she had not been to a doctor since the birth of her daughter at the age of 25. Her sister states that she was in perfect health with no medical problems. The woman went grocery shopping and after arriving at home she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, but was found to be dead on arrival.

Dr. G’s Autopsy Clues: Sudden Death & Enlarged Heart

Dr G on Dr Oz: High Blood Pressure Silent Killer & No Warning Signs

Dr. Oz and Dr. G warn that high blood pressure is a silent killer that shows no warning signs, so it is very important to know and monitor your blood pressure.


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    I receive mail every day from Dr. Oz which I find very very interesting. I have gone on this site to find infomation on BP but I was unable to find this informative. I have just spent a week in hospital with High Blood Pressure and they finally reduced it with another pill but did not find the problem. I woke this morning and it is up again even though I have taken this new pill for 3 days,. Have you got another site with more information?? Usually Dr. Oz is full of information but not this time. This site just mentioned people died but no real information,. Hope you can help. Regards Angela

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