Dr Oz: 20-20-20 Eye Exercise & How to Avoid Digital Eye Strain


Dr Oz: Signs of Digital Eye Strain

Have you ever wondered if all the time you spend on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone could be wreaking havoc on your eyesight? If so, Dr. Oz has the answer, but first he asked for an Assistant of the Day to help explain it to everyone.

Dr Oz: Holding a Mobile Device Too Close Causes Eye Strain

Dr. Oz says about 70% of Americans struggle with digital eye strain, which is directly related to an overuse of mobile devices. Since most of us are probably not willing to give up our cell phones, Dr. Oz has a few solutions to help reduce the stress on our eyes. He says if you spend more than 2 hours a day looking at a mobile device, you are at greater risk for eye strain, so it is even more important to pay attention to his recommendations.

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