Dr Oz: 3 Steps To Improve Your Outlook For Better Health & Longer Life


Dr Oz: Three Steps To Improve Your Outlook For Better Health

Now that you have taken Dr. Oz’s Personality Type Quiz and figured out if your personality type is making you sick, Dr. Sue Varma has a few steps to help you improve your outlook on life and improve your health. First, take a moment to figure out if you are an optimist or a pessimist.

Dr Oz: Can You Change Your Personality Type To Improve Your Health?

Would you like to change your personality type to reduce your risk for health problems? Dr. Sue Varma explained that while your personality traits evolve from the time you are a child it is still possible to make changes, even when you are over 30-years-old. She says our personality consists of three things which are our thoughts, our emotions and our behavior and just making the effort to change one aspect will cause the others to change as well. Dr. Varma says even though we cannot always change circumstances in life we always have control over our attitude and by changing your perception you can change the world around you.

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