Dr Oz: Addicted To Caffeine? + Detox & Caffeine-Free Alternative


Dr Oz: Are You A Caffeine Addict?

Just how dependent are you on caffeine? If you’re anything like me, your day doesn’t begin until you’ve had at least one cup. You can take Dr Oz’s quiz below to find out just how caffeine-dependent you truly are.

  1. How often do you drink a caffeinated beverage?
    1. One in the morning and an occasional cup in the afternoon
    2. I refill my cup at least 3-4 times
    3. I need an IV drip because my cup is never empty
  2. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?
    1. Full of energy and ready to start your day
    2. Groggy and dreading getting out of bed
    3. Wake up? I sleep through my alarm clock
  3. After your first caffeine boost of the day, do you feel:
    1. Very alert
    2. A little buzzed
    3. Normal
  4. What would a day without caffeine be like?
    1. Full of happiness
    2. Full of grumpiness
    3. The end of the world

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