Dr Oz: Arsenic in Rice Dangers- Does Organic Rice Have Arsenic Too?


Dr Oz: Arsenic Rice

Dr Oz rounded up a panel of his favorite TV doctors from news networks to discuss this fall’s hot medical topics Ripped From The Headlines. Joining the panel was CNN’s Dr Sanjay Gupta, who called in to join the conversation.

Dr Gupta weighed in on the question of supplements: are vitamins and supplements necessary? He admitted he takes some, but said he wouldn’t need to if his diet were better. He said he is still taking Fish Oil, and has added Vitamin D to his regimen.

Dr Oz: Rice Arsenic Levels

Dr Oz: Is Arsenic Rice Safe & Low Fat Vs Full Fat Dairy

Dr Oz & a doctor panel discussed hot topics such as whether Arsenic Rice is safe to consume.

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