Dr. Oz: Baking Soda as an Antacid, Taking Asprin & Aquaphor Review


Dr. Oz: Importance of Taking Aspirin

Dr. Oz talked on his show about the three things everyone ought to have in their medicine cabinet. He welcomed Bambi, who brought her medicine cabinet. Dr. Oz said that she should have Aspirin in her cabinet. He asked her if she uses it at all. She said her Pappy was 94 and she made sure he takes it every day. He was in the audience and coming to the show was on his bucket list.



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    I watched the show yesterday and signed up right after to submit for the Aquaphor cream that was offered free, it was told to have me come back today at 3:pm. so I did at 2:59. today. it is not fair how can that be possible that it was all done by 3:pm today. not not fair. I watch every day. very disappointed. has to be rigged. patricia

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