Dr Oz: Baking Soda Cocktail Recipe for Nausea & 4-Seed Chew for Gas

Dr Oz: End Indigestion in 5 Seconds

Dr. Oz realizes that we are all very busy and sometimes short on time, especially when it comes to treating unwanted stomach discomfort. We do not always have 30 minutes or an hour to wait while over-the-counter medicines kick in and begin to work so he has some shortcuts to help with some of your most common stomach ailments and they all work in less than a minute! Try the Baking Soda Cocktail recipe and more fast acting solutions.

Dr Oz: Shortcut to Treat Indigestion

Dr. Oz says that one of the biggest stomach complaints he hears from patients is indigestion. He explains that most remedies take up to 90 minutes to take effect, so he has an immediate shortcut to relieve your indigestion. Dr. Oz promises that his remedy will off your relief in just 5 seconds! He says to drink it fast to get the quickest benefit.

Dr Oz: Baking Soda Cocktail Recipe

Dr Oz: Baking Soda Cocktail Recipe for Nausea & 4-Seed Chew for Gas

Dr. Oz’s Baking Soda Cocktail Recipe ends your indigestion in just 5 seconds!

  • ½ teaspoon Baking Soda
  • ½ teaspoon Honey
  • Club Soda

Dr Oz: Shortcut to Treat Gas

Dr. Oz says another stomach complaint is gas. He explains that most over-the-counter medicines to treat gas can take up to 30 minutes to get into your system, so he has a shortcut that works instantly.

Dr Oz’s 4-Seed Chew

  • 1 Tablespoon Each: Fennel, Dill, Anise, Caraway
  • Keep mixture in a mint box
  • Chew 1 teaspoon full after meals

Dr Oz: Shortcut to Treat Nausea

Another common stomach complaint that Dr. Oz often hears is nausea. He says his shortcut remedy will relieve your nausea in just 6 seconds. It is a pressure point treatment that he promises will be effective immediately. Dr. Oz demonstrated the technique on an audience member. He had her turn her arm over with her palm facing up, he then explained that you take 2 fingers and just above the crease at your wrist move your fingers in a circular motion in one direction, then do the same in the opposite direction for 3 seconds each. This will end your nausea in just 6 seconds!


  1. Deborah D. Brown says

    Dr. Oz,
    I saw these remedies on your show today and they are absolutely fantastic! They work and work fast. I had so much gas pain I could barely sit up straight to watch your show. Thank you for you relentless commitment to assisting us in maintaining good health.


    Deborah D. Brown, Silver Spring, MD

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