Dr Oz: Best Way to Remove a Tick & What Does Lyme Disease Look Like?


Dr Oz: Summertime Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Now that summertime is finally here, it means you and your family will probably spend more time outside, but that also means you will increase your chance of being bitten or stung by a bug or maybe even come in contact with a toxic plant. Dr. Oz enlisted the help of Dr. Clifford Bassett, an allergy expert, to offer tips and share symptoms you should never ignore.

Dr Oz: What Does Lyme Disease Look Like?

Dr Oz: Best Way to Remove a Tick & What Does Lyme Disease Look Like?

Dr Oz demonstrated the best way to remove a tick from your skin & what to look for if you think you might have Lyme Disease.


  1. J Weese says

    Serious Tick Episode!!! Do not think ticks go away in the winter months. I got bit on a warm, sunny, winter day when the temperature was 80 degrees. The doctor told me that I could not have felt the tick bit me. I did though; as I yelled when the tick bit me. I told my husband & son, I have been biten by a tick. They did not believe me!! I immediately started getting sick & on a Saturday around 5 pm. I seriously hurt all weekend & made appointment early as the doctors office opened. I got an early morning appointment. My doctor could not believe the tick was clear, tiny and embedding into my skin on my right side near my elbow. My side had already swelled out an inch red mass with the bulls eye. The mass was as large as my fingertips to my wrist. It was getting larger as time went on!! The doctor had to have the tick surgerical removed before it could get in my bloodstream. This is how serious ticks are!!! I am told by my doctor, “Do not Wait, go on to the emergency room now’!!!
    I have had 3 or 4 tick tests & bit more times than I want to think of! I got very stiff afterwards & still have problems.

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