Dr Oz: Blood Clot Symptoms & Eat Raisins to Lower Blood Clot Risk


Dr Oz: Blood Clot Stroke Risk

Have you ever thought about the way you sit and the possible effect it could have on your health? Dr. Oz says the way you choose to sit could actually cause a blood clot, so he picked his Assistant of the Day to help explain why the way you sit is so important.

Dr Oz: What Causes Blood Clots?

Do you often sit with your legs crossed? Do you sit that way for long periods of time? Dr. Oz says this could be a problem because it kinks your veins and could lead some health issues. While Dr. Oz says it is good for your blood to clot on the outside of your body, it is not good if it happens on the inside. Here are some of the most common areas where blood clots form in the body.



  1. ditsuommd says

    I could find no internet confirmation that raisins contain rutin. Do you have any references supporting that claim?

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