Dr Oz: Brewed vs Boiled Coffee & How Much Caffeine Is In Greek Coffee?


Dr Oz: How Is Greek Coffee Prepared?

Dr. Oz is revealing the super-powered drink that fights heart disease and helps you live longer! Have you ever heard of Greek coffee? You might think all coffee is created equal, but think again because Greek coffee is not only prepared differently from other coffees, but it has powerful health benefits that Dr. Oz is excited to share!

Dr Oz: Health Benefits Of Greek Coffee

Chris Kilham, medicine hunter, says the first reason Greek coffee is different from other coffees is because of the way it is prepared. Unlike most coffee preparation, the Greek beverage is boiled. Another reason Chris says Greek coffee is unlike other coffees is that it is very concentrated, making it much stronger than most people expect when they take their first sip. The most important difference, though, is the area of health benefits. Greek coffee has been shown to reduce heart disease, lower a person’s risk for diabetes, and even prevent some forms of cancer. Dr. Oz is excited to share this with you because if there is a healthier way to enjoy something you already love, like coffee, then he wants you to know about it!


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    My idea of a cup is 8 fluid ounces, as it is on every measuring cup I’ve ever seen. When I read Dr. Oz’ suggestion of 3 to 5 cups of Greek coffee daily, I tried it for about two weeks; three 8 ounce cups, plus other common sources of caffein and my central nervous system went on overdrive. Started having rather frequent heart palpitations and went to my Dr. who gave me an EKG, and blood tests which all came out normal. It took nearly two weeks of caffein abstinence for palpitations to disappear! Please specify that your suggested “cups” are 1 oz. each (75mg of caffein per)! With caffein, dose matters.

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